MSP Lien Resolution

In the past, lawyers dealt with healthcare liens on their own.  Settle a case, and then figure out what the client owed to their private or government health insurer.  Sometimes that took time, but rare were the adverse affects on a client who didn't pay back their medical obligations right away.

Today, things are different.  It's getting to the point where getting the money takes less effort then helping your client keep it.  No where is that more true, than with Medicare

Almost no provider of health care benefits makes it more difficult to pay them back, than Medicare.  Long delays in communication, inaccurate responses when they do arrive, constantly evolving rules and systems that seem to require a CLE's worth of guidance before understanding - it's a monster.

That's where we come in.  At Medicare Monster, we provide both guidance for those that want to tackle resolving the client on their own, as well as complete compliance, for those who want to hand it off to us.

Our method is to T.A.M.E. the Medicare Monster:

T = Timing: We ensure shorter time frames by leveraging shortcuts which get clients results faster

A = Agreement: We help you to communicate with liability carriers and defense counsel to reach pre-settlement agreements that will keep Medicare issues out of settlements

M = Monitoring: We constantly monitor your client's ledger, sending you updates to ensure accurate final demands

E = Evaluation: We audit your recovery and provide you with a written evaluation to confirm whether settlement dollars should be set-aside to pay for future care