MSP Lien Resolution & Medicare Set Aside

Medicare Monster provides a range of support from handling the whole claim to providing guides and checklists to achieve a successful outcome and a happy client.

We Do It For You...

From intake to resolution, let us tame the Medicare Monster. You get the settlement, we help you keep it.

  • We determine if Medicare is involved and which Medicare is involved.

  • We set up the claim file with Medicare.

  • We audit Medicare's ledger to determine what is claim related and dispute what is not.

  • We advocate on your client's behalf to reduce their lien responsibility.

We Do It Together...


Your battle with the Medicare Monster has left you weary and you need a hand to win the fight. We stand ready to step in and guide you to victory.

  • We step in no matter where you are in the process and answer your MSP questions. 

  • We apply our fees only to the services you use.

You Do It Yourself...


Either this isn't your first adventure or you want to dive head first into the world of MSP. We provide the tools and tricks you need help you slay the Medicare Monster.

  • We give you access to checklists and forms that guide you from beginning
    to end.

  • We provide a Medicare Monster team member to answer questions and clarify your next steps.